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Commodore Rob Lovell, 4.27.20


In the 48 days since our Governor declared a state of emergency, she has written 57 Executive Orders in response.  Executive Order 2020-59, while still demanding that people not leave their home, does open a tiny window to allow some resumed activity. "Workers who perform resumed activities are defined" to include "Maintenance workers and groundskeepers who are necessary to maintain the safety and sanitation of places of outdoor recreation."

A previous executive order required me to designate in writing those workers necessary to conduct minimum basic operations to maintain the value of inventory or equipment.  To that end, General Manager Jordan Owen, Past Commodore Liz Zimmerman, Vice Commodore Bill Babel, Building and Grounds Chairs Jay Moorhead and Phillip Spearing, and myself, have been so designated. 

While not clearly stated in EO 2020-59, it appears that landscaping and groundskeeping work is now permitted provided proper social distancing protocols are followed. This executive order does require me to designate in writing those workers (in most of these cases, you, our volunteers) who wish to begin the normal spring maintenance of our Club to ensure a safe and sanitary outdoor recreation facility. 

During this lockdown, our Buildings and Grounds Committee have been developing a virtual Spring maintenance list that will be posted on the Club's website to identify those jobs. (click here) If gardening is a recreational activity for you and, and for the sake of your sanity you need to get out into the sun and tend to the outside grounds of your Club, or you desire to assist in any other normal springtime maintenance of your Club, please inform your Commodore at so that I may amend the formal declaration of those "designated" for said resumed activities to include you on the list. 

Understanding the realities of committee boat prep, the calendar, and the daily barrage of executive orders, all May races have been abandoned. We will be working on getting our docks in over the next two weeks, which actually is our normal time frame.  If you are willing and able to help install the Club’s docks, we would love your help. Let's see what the weather looks like for next weekend to see if we can't get a start on that as the docks are truly a safety feature of your Club.  If you think you might be able to make it, once again, let me know so I can designate you for compliance with whichever executive order is required next week.

On the plus side, with the nicer weather this past weekend, I'm glad I consider working on my boat a recreational activity! Or is that maintenance and safety, as I took down the tarp and put up the lifelines?

Stay healthy, stay sane,

Commodore Lovell 


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